Why You Need A Website

Do I need a website?

1. Plenty of space to advertise

  • Having a website allows you unlimited space to:
  • Market all your products / services
  • Announce events
  • Display product photos
  • Show maps and directions
  • Post client testimonials and industry awards anything that you feel will help potential customers make a decision to use your business

2. Available 24/7 – 365 days a year

A website is always available even when your business is closed or no one is available to answer your phone. Think of a website as a 24/7 -365 days a year open show room to your business. We can even help with a virtual sales representative click here for more information.

3. Easy & quick to update

Printed material, while still necessary to help market your business, it is fair to say that it can be expensive and troublesome to keep updated. With a website you can easily let the public know of changes to your opening hours, products or services you offer, a change of business address or phone number, staff, etc.

4. Adds credibility

A professionally designed bespoke website can add credibility to your business no matter how young or small your business is. A website can also help your business convey a sense of stability and professionalism. Virtually everyone has access to the internet so web presence is so important. The days of looking through the yellow pages have long gone people now look for products / services on the internet using Google, Yahoo or Bing.

5. Great word-of-mouth marketing

Another good reason for a website is that’s it’s easy for someone who wants to recommend your business they are able to give your website address to a friend via an email, or a phone conversation or in a meeting where none of your brochures or business cards are available but its not a lost opportunity to you.

6. Stay ahead of or keep up with competition

People use the internet to research everything from home improvements to restaurants. If your competitors have websites on their printed advertising and you do not, most people will check out your competitor’s offerings first because it is so quick and easy for potential customers to look at a website rather than call you, especially during closed hours. In this day and age people expect information in an instant.

You may have your business listed on Google or Yell.com with your business name and address and telephone number. Your customer is already online! If your competitor is just a click away, who do you think will get the first opportunity to serve that customer? Think what you do when you’re browsing for a service / product.